Sensitivity Training for professionals

One-on-One Sensitivity Training

HR Proactive Inc. provides Virtual One-on-One Sensitivity Training and Coaching to help Business Owners, Executives, High-Profile Professionals and Celebrities build and maintain positive working relationships.

HR Proactive Inc. leads the way in One-on-One Sensitivity Training throughout the United States and Canada. We offer instructor-led virtual one-on-one interactive sensitivity training through our engaging platform. Our most requested sensitivity training sessions resulting from unwelcome or inappropriate conduct include diversity and inclusion, respectful workplace and harassment. 

Our intensive sensitivity training and personalized coaching sessions will ensure awareness of personal attitudes and behaviors, and offer guidance and supports for participants who are motivated to change.

HR Proactive’s unique approach to these intense one-on-one remedial training sessions has proven effective with positive and lasting results for our many participants.

Our professional and highly experienced trainers, works one-on-one  with our clients to bring about practical strategies for coping with complex interpersonal relationships that best fit their specific situation and needs. This sensitivity training is for those wanting to emphasize the “carrot not the stick” in that it is meant to be remedial in nature and not punitive. We conduct a pre-assessment with the client/individual to ensure their “buy-in” and ascertain the scenarios that the person is likely to face and grapple with in the work environment. This approach ensures the participant receives customized sensitivity training to make the learning experiential and to achieve maximum results.

Our One-on-One Interactive Online Sensitivity Training/ Coaching Sessions address common behaviors and attitudes associated with each of the following topics:

  • Respect & Civility
  • Bullying
  • Abuse of Power
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Misconduct
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Microaggressions
  • Discrimination
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Managing Anger
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Styles
  • Personal Conduct for Leaders
  • Inappropriate Boundaries
  • Racial Harassment

Case Scenario

It is an all too familiar situation for HR professionals; the high-performing, high-achieving senior executive or manager, who leaves a trail of personnel casualties in their wake. They set high expectations for themselves, and their subordinates, yet do not have the time, inclination or capacity to deal effectively with those subordinates who do not fulfill their expectations. Sooner or later, the high performer’s angry outbursts and ill temper results in complaints, and the organization is faced with the challenge of resolving these complaints effectively.

Inevitably, the challenge to remedy this problem lands on the desk of the HR professional who is tasked with addressing the inappropriate behavior, upholding the company’s respectful workplace policies and, at the same time, retaining this high performer. After all, the company has invested handsomely in this high achiever, and does not want to lose them nor deter their strong performance.

Why One-on-One
Sensitivity Training?

One-on-one remedial training provides several distinct benefits over group training:

  1. The ability to customize the training program to focus on the specific circumstances and needs of the participant;
  2. Addresses the concerns privately and discreetly, in a manner that is sensitive to the respondent (participant), as well as the complainant(s) and other employees;
  3. By offering the training privately, the participant is more likely to actively take part in the training and openly discuss the issues giving rise to the complaint(s);
  4. Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to upholding the respectful workplace policy, as well as legislative requirements, by addressing the behavior promptly and effectively;
  5. Training will often form part of a settlement or award as a result of adjudication of the complaint, and satisfies the organization’s responsibilities to deliver such training; and,
  6. In a progressive discipline regime, the organization establishes a training record to rely on in the event that the participant re-offends.


HR Proactive's intensive One-on-One Sensitivity Workplace Harassment Training
offers a component on abusive conduct as required under California amendment AB2053.

Amendment AB2053 defines abusive conduct as:

“conduct of an employer or employee in the workplace, with malice, that a reasonable person would find hostile, offensive, and unrelated to an employer’s legitimate business interests. Abusive conduct may include repeated infliction of verbal abuse, such as the use of derogatory remarks, insults, and epithets, verbal or physical conduct that a reasonable person would find threatening, intimidating, or humiliating, or the gratuitous sabotage or undermining of a person’s work performance. A single act shall not constitute abusive conduct, unless especially severe and egregious.”

What is anger and how does it affect your thinking and behavior in the workplace?
Our anger management training explains the human emotion of anger, the cycle of anger,
personality types, gaining control, and communication skills.

One-on-One (or group) Sensitivity Training will give you the tools you need to maintain and promote a respectful workplace with no tolerance for harassment and discrimination based on a protected ground including gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

HR Proactive's One-on-One Sensitivity Training/Coaching
focuses on the components of Emotional Intelligence:

Self- Management

Self- Awareness

Self- Regulation

Self- Motivation


HR Proactive's One-on-One Sensitivity Training
will help the Professional:

Make Better Decisions

Manage Emotions

Enhance Work Relationships

Improve Well-being

One-On-One Sensitivity Training

Training Content

One-on-One remedial training provides the opportunity to customize and personalize the training session(s) to address the facts of the participant’s circumstances. Prior to finalizing the session training agenda, our trainer will consult with the HR professional to review the circumstances giving rise to the need for training and any relevant background information.

Sensitivity Training Session Objectives:
1. Assist the participant in understanding the behavioral concerns
2. Review the corporate and legal expectations for workplace conduct
3. Support the participant in managing their behavior going forward.

The training session commences with an open discussion about the circumstances, in a respectful, non-judgmental and empathetic manner.  This allows the participant to “vent” their feelings and perceptions, while the instructor establishes rapport and credibility with the participant.

The instruction is reinforced using situational case studies, enabling the participant to apply the instruction in realistic workplace scenarios. When training managers, we engage them in an exercise whereby they are required to develop a management response to a similar workplace scenario.

The session concludes with a review of the key issues and learning outcomes, and a discussion with the participant about personal strategies moving forward, including the development of a personal action plan. It is important to identify the risk factors and personal triggers that may be contributors to inappropriate conduct, and identify strategies to avoid inappropriate behavior when confronted with similar risk factors in the future.

Training Delivery

HR Proactive’s state-of-the-art online training platform provides a virtual, interactive learning experience, one-on-one in real time with our professional trainer. The participant is provided log-in access to follow along with the training materials and actively take part in the session.


Following completion of the training session, the HR professional should:
1. Document the training details as part of the complaint disposition
2. Itemize the areas of instruction (a copy of the training agenda should accompany this documentation)
3. Include assessment of the participant’s performance along with any recommendations, if provided, for additional assistance, supports or follow-up (HR Proactive training session confirmation letter).
4. Keep a file copy of the Participant’s Certificate of Completion

Behavioral change is often more difficult to sustain over the long term therefore periodic positive and supportive reinforcement and feedback is appropriate.

We strongly recommend regular follow-up communication be made after the training has been completed and the participant has resumed their regular duties. These enquiries should be made of the participant, the participant’s manager, and the complainant. This is to ensure that the inappropriate behavior that necessitated the need for training has, in fact, been addressed in the workplace in order to determine whether any further action is required.

Ultimately, the organization has a duty to ensure that inappropriate behavior/conduct is remedied and does not continue. It is not sufficient to deliver the remedial training and then close the file. It is important to ensure that the investment of time and resources in remedying the behavior achieves the desired results; otherwise the organization remains liable for damages in the event the behavior continues.


Customized One-on-One Sensitivity Training is an effective and respectful way of addressing inappropriate workplace behaviors, taking corrective action, and minimizing disruption to your workforce.  At the same time, it affords you an opportunity to retain experienced, long-term employees, in whom you have invested much effort and expense.

HR Proactive Inc. was an invaluable resource and much needed in our industry. It helped me navigate through managing an unusual work environment.

I feel better equipped now to deal with complex situations and personalities in the workplace.

American Screenwriter